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Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Repair And How To Make Them Last Longer

When your garage door needs spring repair, you'll know it. The springs are responsible for allowing your garage door to open and shut without slamming to the ground or into the garage's ceiling, and each cycle of a garage door spring ages the unit.

On average, garage door springs last up to 12 years or so, depending on use. If you need to have a repair done, hire a professional at all times since any DIY garage spring repair can be very dangerous. You can get hurt or you can damage your garage door in the process of trying to save money repairing your garage door yourself. Here are signs your garage door springs are aging and need repair as well as tips to make the garage springs last longer.

Your garage door has no spring when you open it 

The springs on your garage door give it the proper tension to open and close without too much force. Since a garage door spring only lasts for a certain number of cycles, each cycle takes away from its useful life. If you open your garage door and it's slow to respond or appears to open as if it's too heavy, then consider having a garage door spring repair done.

Your garage door is older

The older the garage door, the older its components are as well. The springs in your garage door may be aging, or one spring may be older than another and need to be replaced or repaired. Have your garage spring repair specialist inspect your garage springs as part of its normal maintenance check and perform a basic garage door spring repair if needed to keep your garage door safe and operating well.

If a spring is too old, then it will need to be replaced. Read on to learn how to keep your new or existing garage door spring lasting as long as possible.

Use your garage door less

The more you use your garage door, the more cycles you put your springs through. Use your garage door as infrequently as possible to allow the unit to last as long as it can.

Have regular inspections done

Regular garage door inspections will allow you to find issues with your garage door springs before a serious repair is needed. Your garage spring repair professional will assist you in getting the garage fully inspected and cleared or will make repairs as needed to ensure the unit is working as it should.

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