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Garage Door Repair: What Are The Warning Signs You Should Look Out For?

The garage door goes a long way in keeping intruders, harsh weather elements, and animals out of your garage. This means that you should always take good care of your garage door and ensure it is in good shape. One of the best ways to do so is by calling in a garage door repair professional whenever the need arises. Here are common indicators that your door needs repair services.

Odd Sounds

Is your garage door making weird sounds you are not used to? If yes, you need a professional to examine it and repair the faulty parts. Generally, the sounds serve as warnings that all is not well. For instance, squealing noise indicates that the door perhaps has a loose cable. The repair professionals can quickly determine the source and repair the cause of the problem.

Opening and Closing Problems

Opening and closing difficulties don't always mean there is a significant problem. Sometimes the problem may arise because something is blocking the pathway. For example, automatic garage doors have a sensor that stops the door from making any movement whenever there's an obstruction. This safety mechanism helps prevent injuries, but it could also lead to inconveniences.

However, if there's no obstruction, then it is time to contact a repair technician. Broken torsion springs may also cause opening or closing difficulties. As a result, the door lacks the energy it needs to move, and it may even stop halfway or snap when least expected. This is the last thing you want since most garage doors are heavy and could cause severe injuries. That said, you certainly understand why you should have the door fixed by an expert as soon as possible.

Slow Response

If your garage door seems sluggish, you need to check its speed settings. If there's no change after making adjustments, it means that there might be a serious underlying problem. For example, the rollers may need replacement or lubrication. Keep in mind that garage doors require a special lubricant. Applying the wrong one might not fix the problem, explaining why it's always prudent to work with an expert.

A slow response can also be caused by other issues like old cables, faulty torsion springs, and bent tracks. Whatever the problem, a seasoned garage door repair professional has what it takes to fix it.

You should always ensure that your garage door is in good shape. That way, you can rest assured that it will offer many years of service. Remember that you should not ignore an issue even when it seems minor. Otherwise, it may worsen over time and cause extensive damage. For that reason, always contact a garage door repair service, like Door Serv Pro, when you notice any of the above signs.