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Five Explanations For Your Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door can be frustrating, and there are many potential problems that can cause it. Here are some of the issues to troubleshoot with your garage door repair team. 

It Needs Maintenance

The first thing that you may want to do is visually inspect your garage door system, or have a garage door repair specialist do it for you. Look for bends or cracks in the tracks. If there is a bend, it could be causing noise every time the door rolls over that spot. A crack in your tracks may cause the system to rattle. 

The Tracks are Misaligned

Every once in a while someone should take down your garage door fasteners and refasten them. Over time, the strain of the garage door may cause your tracks to shift and become misaligned in one direction or another; the fasteners can put additional strain that causes the pattern to get worse. And if your door is gliding past crooked or improperly fitted tracks, this can be a big source of unwanted noise. 

It's Too Dirty

The tracks may simply be dirty. If you have gritty sand or dirt in your tracks, the rollers will crunch down on it and potentially be very noisy as the garage door opens. You can take soapy water to the tracks to clean them, but make sure that you remove any soap residue and replace the original lubrication on the tracks with grease or even graphite powder. 

There's a Problem With the Rollers

The rollers may also be damaged. Even with a small dent in the rollers, it may make a lot of noise as that part repeatedly grinds with the tracks. 

The Garage Door Opener Is Low Quality

Finally, the issue may not even be with the garage door itself. Sometimes, it's the fault of the garage door opener instead. You may hear a lot of noise from the garage door opener's motor, for instance. Or, it may be that the garage door opener is not strong enough to raise your door; then, you may hear issues of strain from the motor. And you may simply have an old model that doesn't use the latest, quiet technologies. Whatever it is, your garage door repair center can come out to make suggestions about whether the opener should be repaired or replaced. If you do make a replacement, consider upgrading to a stronger motor or installing a belt drive garage door opener; this model of opener is notoriously quiet.