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3 Things To Ask Yourself When Having A Garage Door Installed

Having a garage attached your home is a great thing, and an important part of any garage is going to be the garage door. Because this is such an important part of your garage, you want to make sure that you choose the best one for your home and your needs. This article will discuss 3 things to ask yourself when having a garage door installed. 

Do You Want It To Be Automatic Or Manual?

A very important question that you are going to need to consider before your garage door is ever installed is whether or not you want an automatic or manual garage door. Having a manual garage door installed is likely much less expensive because you are just having the door installed, but it means that you are going to need to open and close your garage door by hand each time. An automatic garage door is going to need to be set up with all of the motors, sensors, and controls to open and close with the click of a button, so it will likely take longer to install and cost more. However, you will be able to open and close your garage door with ease, either from a remote, or a button on your garage wall. 

Do You Want Windows?

Another question to ask yourself if whether or not you want your garage door to have windows. While windows aren't necessary on your garage door, they are great if you plan on spending some time in your garage and could use the natural light, or if you simply like the way windows look from an aesthetic stand point. Garages are created from different panels, so you can choose the type of window panel that you would like. You can pick the style of windows on it, the shape, the number of windows, etc. This really allows you to personalize your garage door to look exactly how you want it to. 

What Color Do You Want?

A basic, yet important question to ask yourself is what color you would like your garage door to be. When it comes to determining this, there are a few different things that you are going to want to take into consideration. You are going to want to consider the color of your home, and choose a garage door that contrasts well. For example, if your home is white with brown trim, then it may be a good idea to go with a brown garage door. You are also going to want to take weathering into account when choosing your color because some colors may be faded by the sun and others may show dirt, dings, etc. very easily. 

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