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Buying A Garage Door? Ask These Five Questions

If you're buying a new garage door, it's important to note that there are many different styles that will cater to different homeowners. Consulting a garage door specialist will help you find the perfect fit. Here are five questions to ask before you make a decision on any garage door. 

What Color Is It?

First, consider the color of the door and how it fits with your goals. Do you want the door to stand out from your home to add a flash of visual interest? A brighter color may suit you. Are you looking for something low maintenance? Choose a darker color that won't show dirt that easily. Also note that if you are looking for an unusual color, then it may inform your garage door material choice. It's often much easier and cheaper to find a colorful vinyl garage door than it is to paint a wood garage door, for instance. 

Is it Storm Proof?

Storm proof garage doors can add value to your home and potentially cut down your home insurance bill. So the upfront investment for a storm proof garage door is often recouped over the course of several years. You can storm proof your garage door in many ways, from adding a fabric cover to installing braces behind the door. Some materials are also naturally more storm proof, and they may list their storm proof rating in the specifications. 

How Is it Insulated?

Along the same lines, the insulation of your garage door can have an effect down the road by saving you money on heating and cooling. Some garage door specialists are able to add insulating layers to the garage door installation you choose to make them more weather resistant. 

What is the Material?

Material will matter a lot for your upkeep costs and longevity. While a vinyl door will last for many years practically untouched, you may need to do a little more work with sectional glass doors. 

How Does it Operate?

Finally, be sure that you know what options you have for operating the garage door. For instance, is it compatible with various electronic opening and control systems or will you have to open the door manually? Not all garage doors are compatible with all garage door openers; it depends on their size and weight. Asking a garage door installation specialist from a company like Edison Overhead Door these questions upfront will help you to avoid any disappointment in your garage door choice.