Keeping My Garage Doors Looking Great

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

In order to keep your garage door at its absolute best, you will need to consider a few important maintenance steps. Maintaining your garage door will allow you to remain safe, protect your home as a whole, and ensure that your door lifts and closes with no problem. With this in mind, take advantage of these tips below in order to get the most out of your garage door springs, motor, chain, door panels, and other components. 

Tip #1: Keep Your Weatherstripping Intact

To be sure that your garage remains comfortable and insulated, you need to keep the weather stripping on your garage door intact. Maintaining your weatherstripping will also ensure that your garage door continuously works to the best of its ability. Take inventory of your weatherstripping frequently to make sure that it is not peeling or cracking. If your weatherstripping is beginning to waste away, you should get in touch with a garage door maintenance and repair professional as quickly as possible. Keeping your weatherstripping intact also makes sure that your garage remains comfortable, so that your household stays comfortable through all seasons and your utility bills do not become too expensive.

Tip #2: Get Frequent Tests And Maintenance 

When you need your garage door to stay at its best, there are some maintenance steps you must follow periodically. For one, you should give your garage door a thorough inspection each and every month. This should include making sure that components such as the springs, pulleys, and hinges are intact. You should also test the balance of your garage door on a monthly basis to make sure it is opening and closing evenly. Further, test out the garage door reverse mechanism each and every month, as this is a potentially life-saving safety measure.

Tip #3: Provide Some Lubrication To The Door Parts

You need to be sure that you use garage door lubrication, such as WD-40. This type of spray will allow you to keep all of the door's parts, such as the rail, springs, and chain, moving freely. When you do not lubricate these parts regularly, they may begin to rust and dry out, which can cause your garage door to fall apart little by little. Lubricating your garage door parts will allow you to also keep your door from becoming too noisy during operation as well. 

Follow these three tips to get the most out of your garage door