Keeping My Garage Doors Looking Great

Paint A New, Wooden Garage Door To Match Your Home's Exterior

If you recently had a new, wooden garage door installed on your residential property, apply paint to its surface that matches the color of your home's exterior. After you have finished, add a clear coat of wood sealer to the door to help preserve the appearance of the paint and prevent it from fading or peeling.

Supplies Needed

  • water hose
  • long-handled brush
  • bucket of soapy water
  • masking tape
  • drop cloths
  • exterior primer
  • wooden mixing stick
  • paint tray
  • paint roller and extension handle
  • paintbrush
  • paint (colors that match your home's exterior)
  • wood sealer

Clean The Door, Cover Hardware With Tape, And Apply Primer

Close and lock the garage door. Clean the wooden exterior with soapy water and a long-handled brush. Rinse the wooden surface afterwards and wait for it to dry. Use strips of masking tape to cover hardware on the door that you want to protect from being exposed to primer, paint, and sealer. Mix a can of primer and pour some of it into a paint tray. Cover a paint roller with an even amount of primer. Push the roller across the door's exterior in straight lines. Wait plenty of time for the primer to dry.

Paint The Door To Match Your Home's Exterior

Apply a coat of paint that is the same color as your home's exterior over the primer. Before adding it, thoroughly mix it and pour some of the product into a clean paint tray. If there is any trim on the door's surface, use a different paint that is the same color that is covering the trim on your home. Cover fine details with a paintbrush if you cannot cover them sufficiently with a paint roller. Wait for the first coat of paint to dry before adding a second one. 

Apply Wood Sealer To The Painted Surface

Apply one or two coats of wood sealer over the painted surface. Wait for the sealer to dry in between coats. Once you have provided the door's surface with sufficient coverage, do not open the door until you are sure that the sealer has dried completely. The wood sealer will help protect the fresh paint so that the garage door's appearance is not affected.

Sealer will last for years and is easy to maintain. If dirty residue is ever visible on its surface, remove it with a small amount of detergent and water that has been added to a cloth. Afterwards, use a lint-free cloth to dry the door's surface.

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