Keeping My Garage Doors Looking Great

Two Questions Homeowners Might Have About Garage Doors

A house's automatic garage door can greatly enhance the convenience of using the garage. However, there are some homeowners that may not be very informed about the various issues that a garage door can encounter. Once you have a couple of questions about these issues answered, you will be in a stronger position to address some routine concerns that you may have about your garage door.

How Can You Improve Your Garage Door's Security?

There are many homeowners that may be concerned about the security of their garages. While it may seem like a garage door will be a severe vulnerability to your home, there are steps that can be taken to help protect it against the risk of criminal activity. For example, automatic garage doors are often equipped with a lock mode, and if you activate this mode, the doors will not open until this mode is deactivated. The exact steps for activating this mode can vary from one door to another, but your owner's manual will be able to provide you with the instructions for activating this security feature.

To further enhance the security of your garage door, you can opt to have shatter-resistant security glass installed. This glass will be able to withstand a criminal attempting to break it, but it will still resemble traditional glass so that this upgrade will not negatively impact the aesthetics of your garage door. While this type of glass will cost more than traditional windows, you should be aware that some insurance companies will offer discounts on homeowner's policies in exchange for making this security-enhancing upgrade.

Will You Need To Replace Your Old Garage Door To Improve Energy Efficiency?

The energy efficiency of your home is an important consideration, but there are some people that may assume the only way to combat the energy inefficiencies of their garage doors is to have a new one installed. However, this can prove to be a costly investment that you may not be able to afford. Fortunately, you can help to improve the energy efficiency of your existing door with a couple of basic upgrades. Adding insulation to the interior of the door can help to prevent convective heating or cooling, and you can further eliminate drafts by strategically placing weatherstripping between the hinges of the door. While your door is equipped with weatherstripping when it is installed, it can degrade over the years, which may make replacing it necessary. Contact a company like Mid-South Door Co to learn more.