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3 Upgrades To Make Your Garage Door More Secure

About 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported to authorities by homeowners throughout the United States each year. Would-be robbers can easily use your garage door as a way to gain access to your property if you don't take the time to ensure your door is secure.

Here are three upgrades you may want to consider investing in to ensure that your garage door is secure against home invasions in the future.

1. An emergency release that must be tugged straight down to activate.

One of the techniques used by robbers to gain entry to your home through your garage door is known as fishing. When fishing, a would-be thief snakes a wire hanger through the top of your garage door, locates the emergency release that disconnects the door from the automatic opener, and pulls the release. This allows the thief to easily lift the garage door and enter your property.

By installing an emergency release that must be pulled straight down before it will disengage the door from the opener (rather than disengaging when pulled at an angle), you eliminate fishing as an opportunity to gain entry to your garage.

2. An automatic garage door closer.

Sometimes the security of your garage is compromised because you forget to close the garage door after leaving. If you notice that you frequently leave your garage door open by accident, installing an automatic garage door closer could be beneficial in deterring theft.

An automatic garage door closer relies on two sensors, one located on your garage door and the other located on the door frame. When these sensors are not in line with one another for a pre-determined amount of time, they will automatically activate the closing mechanism on your garage door. You can adjust the length of time it takes for the sensors to kick on. With an automatic garage door closer, you never have to worry about providing easy access for criminals through an open garage door.

3. Privacy film and bars for garage door windows.

If your garage door is equipped with windows, a criminal can easily peer into your garage to determine if valuable property is inside. If a criminal cannot see into your garage, he or she is less likely to attempt a break-in. Investing in privacy film for your garage door windows will keep prying eyes out of your garage.

It can also be beneficial to eliminate windows as a potential access point by installing bars. Purchase some pre-cut lengths of one-half inch steel pipe, and install them along the interior of your garage door behind windows to provide added security for your property.

Making some simple upgrades to your garage door can help you deter criminal activity in the future. Go to website to learn more about securing your garage door.