Keeping My Garage Doors Looking Great

Spring-Cleaning Tips For Your Garage Door

It goes without saying that there are not many parts of the United States that didn't see a harsh winter. Frigid cold temperatures and large amounts of snow and ice have left just about everyone longing for warm days. So when the snow starts to melt, homeowners turn their attention to the exterior of their home, and especially the driveway and garage. Winter can leave those areas a bit dirty and dingy, but it also can wreak havoc on the garage door.

This article will give you some ideas on how to clean up your garage doors and getting them back in tip-top shape:

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Spring 

Just about every garage door, whether it's steel, aluminum or wood, can be washed down with a simple solution of warm water and a mild household cleaner. Using about one part cleaner to five parts water and a soft cloth and sponge, wash down both the inside and the outside of your garage door. This can rid your door of the build up of left over road and sidewalk salt.

Once your door is cleaned and dry, you'll want to check for the following signs of wear and damage:

  • Rust and corrosion. If you find any rusted spots, it means that moisture was able to penetrate through the paint. In order to repair the area, you'll need to sand off the rust and repaint it. If you find a large amount of rust around the door, it's best to repaint the entire door. If you leave it unchecked, the rust will eventually ruin your garage door and you'll need to have it replaced. 
  • Bare spots. If you find bare spots where the paint or finish is worn or completely gone, you'll need to paint or add a finish coating to your door once the warm weather sets in. 
  • Cracks. Winter storms and harsh winds, along with salt build-up on your garage doors can cause damage or cracks. You may need to replace panels or the entire door if you find enough cracks in the surface of your door. 

Once you have been able to clean and repair your door, you'll want to have a tune-up performed on your door opener. A garage door service repair specialist can come and make sure the tracking is still centered and that your door has enough lubricant to still move up and down smoothly, and most importantly, safely.